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Science Fair

The Allentown School District hosts an annual middle and high school competitive science fair. This year's middle school science fair will be held on Wednesday, May 22nd, 2024, from 9am to noon. There will be an awards ceremony at noon. There will be a Science Fest for the community on the evening of May 24th from 5pm to 7pm in the William Allen High School Gymnasium. 

Who is Eligible: All Middle and High School Students

High School Contacts for information:
Middle School Contacts for information:


For requirement information click Science Fair Requirements


STUDENTS: To register for the ASD Science Fair click for Registration Form (when available).
JUDGES: To volunteer to be a Science Fair judge, click for Registration Form(when available).


Participation in the ASD Science Fair will be both challenging and competitive. To ensure that students participating in the fair are properly supported, several opportunities will be available to students outside of the time that is used in class.

Additional time will be available during I/E periods. All students in Advanced Science Classes must complete a science fair project and have been enrolled in an enrichment class focused on Science Fair during their I/E period. All students are welcome to participate and should let their science teacher know of their interest.

If students need help beyond what is provided, additional arrangements can be made on an as needed basis. Ask your science teacher for assistance.

Science Fair Resources

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