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Families - ASD continues to survey our families to gather feedback as the district finalizes opening of school plans beyond Q3. Please fill out this survey for every child in your household using their unique 6-digit student ID. Deadline 1/22! English |Spanish

February 25, 2021




February Schedule 
Monday, February 1; Wednesday, February 3; Friday, February 5
Monday, February 8; Wednesday, February 10; THURSDAY, February 11
TUESDAY, February 16, Wednesday, February 17, Friday, February  19
Monday, February 22; Wednesday, February 24;  Friday, February 26

Students will be given a 5-day meal bag on Thursday, February 11 

Trexler Middle School will be open from 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM. 
Central, Sheridan, Ramos, and South Mountain MS will be open from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Three delivery routes will visit sites on the South East, South West, and North East side of the city. Click here for delivery locations and times.

School Communication
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A Message from our School Dental Hygienist: 

Welcome back! Dental offices are open and safety standards have been established. If you have visited your dentist during the summer, please contact them to complete the attached PA-DOH Private Dentist Report or schedule an appointment to complete it as soon as possible. You can return it to the office, teacher, or return it to me by email @ or by fax at 484-765-4630.

Bienvenido de nuevo, soy el higienista dental de su escuela. Los consultorios dentales están abiertos y se han establecido estándares de seguridad. Si ha visitado a su dentista durante el verano, comuníquese con él para completar el Informe de dentista privado de PA-DOH adjunto o para programar una cita para completar lo antes posible. Puede volver a la oficina, al maestro o devolvérmelo por correo electrónico @ o por fax al 484-765-4630. 

Please see the district's website for more information pertaining to our district and COVID - 19.


Virtual Campus Daily Schedule - Grades 6, 7, & 8

The middle of quarter 3 is on Thursday, March 11, 2021.
The end of quarter 3 is on Tuesday, April 13, 2021. 

Please check Sapphire or contact your child's teachers if you have questions or concerns about grades. Official grades are listed on Sapphire. 

See all important school dates 


Trexler Families! You are invited to take part in ASD's district wide middle school transformation feedback survey. Click below to take the survey specific to Trexler Middle School (English / Spanish)

Safe2Say Something:
 A message from Superintendent Parker and resources for parents

Nick Weschler-Horace Mann provides Kindles for Trexler students with improved attendance. 

Trexler Middle School is one of 4 middle schools located in the city of Allentown. 
The richness of The Allentown School District's diversity is strengthened by its central role in educating our students for America's future through academic excellence and celebrating the culturally responsive, athletic and artistic range of talent in the schools. ASD students originate from 51 countries and speak 26 languages. There are twenty-five academic buildings throughout the City. 

During the 2016-2017 school year, the district enrolled 16,628 students across 15 Elementary & Early Childhood Centers (7,976), 4 Middle Schools (3,421) and 3 High Schools (5,231).  The Allentown School District has 2,429 personnel.

89.1% of our families are denoted as Low Income, and 100% receive Free/Reduced Lunch.  ASD is the third largest urban school system out of 500 Districts in the Commonwealth and serves a community with a poverty rate of 38.64% of the City's population. (2013 Census). 

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Top Dog
2021 First EVER Trexler Top Dog
Raub SB
Raub staff winners in Trexler-hosted ASD Staff
District-wide Slow-pitch Softball Tournament!