TrexlerMiddle School


The Student Assistance Program (SAP) is a voluntary program that provides supportive services to students experiencing academic, behavioral, and/or emotional difficulties that may pose barriers to school success. The SAP team consists of school and community agencies who work together to help students who are experiencing problems or are presented with barriers that prevent them from doing well in school. We can assist students and parents to access services within the community if the problem lies beyond the scope of the school.

Every school in the Allentown School District has a Student Assistance Team. For more information contact our school counseling department at 484-765-4601.

The Student Assistance Team can help students dealing with

  • Stressful situations
  • Bullying and harrassment
  • Victimization
  • Death and grief
  • Poor communication skills
  • Low self image
  • Alcohol or other drug use
  • Depression
  • Family changes
  • Difficulty making friends
  • Moving to a new location

What will the SAP team do?

  • Identify concerns
  • Develop an action plan
  • Identify and connect with in-school resources
  • Identify and access community agencies
  • Provide on-going support

What doesn't the SAP team do?

  • They do not diagnose
  • They do not provide treatment
  • They are not a disciplinary team

Who refers students?

  • Anyone can refer a student
  • Parents may request services
  • Students may seek help for themselves or a friend
  • School principals, teachers, school counselors and other staff refer based on behaviors they have observed
  • Community agency staff refer students they are concerned about

How Can I refer a student?

Parent Involvement

  • The SAP Team requires parent permission to provide SAP services to students
  • We encourage parents to be involved in all phases of the SAP process


The SAP team and the school will respect the privacy of the student and family at all times. All district employees are mandated employees and are required to report crisis and safety issues to designated school and community contacts.