TrexlerMiddle School

Presenting your Project

Follow the specific layout outlined in the District Science Fair guidelines handed out to you by your science teacher. Plain white trifold boards are being provided to you this year. You may choose to buy your own if you want a different color. There are specific items that are banned from being displayed with or on your board. Be sure to check the district procedure handout so you are not disqualified. Remember to take pictures of your trials so you can display the pictures along with graphs and tables on your board. 

More specific information regarding the collection and delivery of the Trifold boards for the district Science Fair will be provided by your science teacher as the fair date approaches.


Display Board

Create a summary of your project and display it on a display Board. There are eight specific elements that you must have on your board. They are also in your final report and should be the same except for size. These eight items should be arranged as the example above shows.