TrexlerMiddle School



Welcome!  My name is Bob Morrow, and I am privileged to be the principal here at Trexler Middle School since 2020. I started my career in the Allentown School District at South Mountain Middle School during 2005. It is an honor to work with the staff, students, parents, and community here in Trexler to offer a positive educational experience for all. 

As principal, I am entrusted to make sure our students are equitably taught for individual growth and overall success. Our goal is that all students will succeed in the classroom and with the many extracurricular activities offered throughout the school year. Allowing students to be themselves and positively strive toward college and career readiness are individual goals I have for each student. My hope is that we continue to empower students and parents to assist with decision making needs for our yearly school improvement expectations, as well as social and emotional beliefs for individual development needs.

Trexler Middle School will continue to work toward yearly school improve focused on four primary priorities for student growth:

  • Math Proficiency
  • English Language Arts (ELA) Proficiency
  • English Language Learner Proficiency
  • Improved School Climate and Culture

Thank you for entrusting me with children daily; their safety and overall success is my top priority as we grow our Bulldog community. I invite all families to get involved in the many positive aspects of Trexler Middle School and the Allentown School District. Together we truly can create positive change and accomplish individual success for all our students who enter our building daily.

I also believe in good customer service, communication, and collaboration.  Through each of these I feel we can accomplish all.  If you have any questions or needs, please reach out to me or our staff. You can always contact me directly at [email protected] or through ClassTag.  You can also call me at 484-765-4601.  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for information and updates!

Go, Bulldogs!

Bob Morrow