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8th Grade Fundraising Efforts

8th grade teachers and students work hard all year long to raise enough money to take the 8th grade class to Washington D.C. without having to charge the students a substantial fee for their field trip. These fundraisers also benefit our 8th grade Semi-formal, which has been a Trexler tradition for decades. 

For the past three years, teachers and students have been able to raise enough money to take students to D.C. on coach buses, provide them with a t-shirt, and feed them dinner on the way home for the low price of $10.00. But they can only do it with the help and support of our Bulldog community. We appreciate your support!

Next Fundraiser: TBA

Florida Gators

Gibson                      Mr. K
Lauren Gibson                              John Kikrilis
ELA                                              ELA   

Karyn Baize

Jen Gross

Matthew Ehritz
Social Studies

Jennifer Halucha
Learning Support

Samantha Adams
Learning Support

Team Lehigh Hawks


Eliza Michaud - ESOL