TrexlerMiddle School

Exemptions and Accommodations

Religious/Medical/Special Needs Exemptions: If the parent(s)/guardian(s) of a student has what they consider a bona fide religious belief or medical or special needs situation which precludes strict adherence to this policy, the student’s parents(s)/guardian(s) may fill out the appropriate waiver form and submit all other documentation reasonably requested by the administration to establish their exemption. (Form B-1, printable version at bottom of page.) 
  • Parent/guardians requesting an exemption from the guidelines will be required to meet with the school administration and/or designee to discuss the guidelines and the nature of the circumstance necessitating a waiver.
  • Following the meeting, the building administrator and/or designee shall render a written decision, approving or denying the requested waiver. Any exemption from the guidelines granted by the building administrator and/or designee shall be limited to the minimumvariance from the guidelines necessary in light of the specific, bona fide religious, medical, or special needs situation, which precludes strict compliance. The exemption as allowed will be clearly stated.
  • Paperwork regarding the request for exemption shall be noted in the Student Information System (Sapphire-Notes) and placed in the student’s permanent folder. Documentation for special needs students shall be placed on the students IEP or 504 Plan. Medical exemptions call be documented and kept in the child’s health record and/or 504 Plan.
Religious exemptions: Examples of these can be the use of religious headwear such as a hijab (women) or Kufi and/or Turbin(men). Recommendations for administrators would be to allow such headwear as long as colors match the color palate of the school uniform policy at each level. If specific colors/patterns are requested to be worn by the student then documentation must be required that explains the request.
Students with Special Needs: Examples of such accommodations could be the use of alternative materials based on sensory needs, or use of elastic waist pants for toileting needs. These accommodations should be allowed and documented in the students’ IEP. Every effort should be made to have students follow the color requirements at each level, regardless of accommodations.