TrexlerMiddle School

Consequences for Non-Compliance

The Allentown School District and its staff recognize that there may be circumstances that occur when students are not in compliance with the uniform policy. The following is a guide for the non-compliance of such infractions, however the building administration and/or designee should make every effort to investigate, support, and communicate with families to resolve issues related to non-compliance of uniform procedures before administering any documented disciplinary infraction.
  • Upon the first and second infraction:
    • Student may be removed from classroom until a change of dress can occur
    • Parent/Guardian contacted
    • Warning given
    • If parent/guardian cannot provide uniform, student may be provided uniform for temporary use
  • Upon the third and subsequent infractions:
    • Student removed from classroom until a change of dress can occur
    • Parent/guardian contacted
    • Referral may be made to Student Assistance Program (SAP)
    • Student may be assigned administrative detentions(s)
    • Students repeated violations of uniform policy will be considered guilty of defiance (Level II infraction)