TrexlerMiddle School


  • All clothing must be free of logos, designs, emblems, symbols, insignias, advertisements, and/or monograms.
  • All garments must be appropriately sized.
  • Jewelry: We recognize that students may wish to wear jewelry and other adornments. However, certain types of jewelry and adornment’s and the manner in which they are worn may not be appropriate under certain circumstances and may pose a danger to the student or others and/or interrupt the educational process. There shall be no chains worn, other than those designed as jewelry (no necklaces in excess of 18”). Chains should not be visible and should be tucked in shirt. No heavy/thick gauge chains, dog collars, and wallet chains are permitted. Earrings of moderate size, in addition to small stud facial/body piercings, are permitted. Band-Aids/ Bandages shall not be used to cover body piercing unless directed to do so by school staff. In the case of the day-to day school environment, the administration and/or teaching staff shall require that students remove any jewelry and other adornments which might reasonably be considered as posing a danger to, threat to, or interruption of the educational process.
  • ID Badge and Lanyards are to be worn by all Middle and High School students.
    • School Administrator(s) will determine the procedures for students obtaining school ID’s and replacement of lost/stolen ID’s.
  • Clothing, hats, hair ornaments or implements, jewelry or any other materials which are considered to indicate gang affiliation are prohibited. All permitted hair accessories must be in dress code compliant colors.
  • Head gear shall not be worn in the building. This includes, but is not limited to, caps, hats, scarves, ear muffs, bandannas, hair nets (unless required as part of an approved vocational program), head bands, or do-rags. Hair bands of approved colors are permitted. (Section L: Exemptions/Accommodations)
  • Sunglasses are not permitted in school buildings unless required by a physician.
  • Non-prescribed glasses and unnaturally colored contact lenses are not permitted.
  • Accessories deemed to be distractive, disruptive, or offensive in nature are prohibited.
  • Fanny packs are not permitted.
  • Clothing and accessories which are deemed contrary to the mission of the school; and/or advertise or promote the use of tobacco, alcohol, or drugs; and/or which are offensive or obscene; or which are sexually suggestive; and/or which promote statements which are derogatory to any racial, ethnic, or religious group; and/or which contain double meanings, advocate violent acts, or are gang-related are prohibited.
  • Students are to remove their outerwear and head covering/bands/apparel once they enter the building and place such items in their lockers (or designated area) for the remainder of the day. Students are not allowed to carry or wear these items during the school day.
  • Hair grooming implements are not to be worn as an accessory.
  • Standard apparel may not be embellished or altered in any fashion.
  • Accessories deemed to be distractive, disruptive, and/or offensive are prohibited.
  • The use of exposed body areas for purposed of advertisement or solicitation is prohibited.